5.000 exclusive NFTs

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The Strangers have arrived on the Elrond Blockchain !

We are all strangers, get your exclusive NFT and become one of US


We decided to land on the Elrond Blockchain.

5000 NFTS

Exclusive strangers, created and thought by our designer.

100+ traits

Rarity & diversity of strangers. 7 different DNAs, find yours !


Q1 2022

Community & Sale

With these incredible 3D design, we aim to create a powerful community on the Elrond Blockchain. Once the 5.000 ♂ Strangers are sold out, our roadmap begins.


Q2 2022

DAO & Rewards system

After the sale, 500 EGLD will be locked in our DAO wallet to provide royalties for our holders.

Strangers DAO will discuss and vote on the future project's roadmap, with every holder being allowed to vote. The Holders rewards program will get started, check the details in Discord.


Q3 2022

The Strangers Launchpad

With a strong partnerships team and over 3 years experience in international sales, we aim to bring value to our holders by securing a number of WL spots on future Elrond projects.

Our team is working hard to secure our Strangers holders an easy access to those. In this way, holding a stranger will allow you to bypass all the efforts needed to get access to some whitelists.

No invite contest, no random giveaway participation on Twitter or anything else, holding being stranger will be your access pass.


Q4 2022 - Q1 2023

V2 collection & 3D liveable Capsules

Launch of our 3D liveable Capsules, offering a life and a place to stay for your Stranger(s). In collaboration with VR and 3D experts, we will develop a website allowing you to bring your Strangers lo life, in their own home. Many possibilities are thought and considered by our team, in parallel to diverse partnerships with other Metaverse based Elrond projects.


Future Is Coming...

Launch of our 5.000 ♀ 3D Strangers, to make our 10K Stranger collection on the Elrond Blockchain. If your male stranger finds his female soul mate, will they give birth to a Stranger child ?



Community development, design & marketing

"Completely passionated by innovation and always wanted to be a part of it. Community is the project pillar, let's be one for the Elrond BC"



Blockchain, technology & partnerships

"Early Elrond adopter, I have never stop believing in this BC potential. Commercial skills in multinationals for more than 3 years. Try to find your DNAs amongst our 5.000 Strangers !"